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Durga Maa and Dus Mahavidyas

Durga Maa and Dus Mahavidyas by simon_ram.

 Dash Maha Vidya

Collect The Knowledge About Ten Supreme Forms Of Energies

To Describe Dash Maha Vidya or the Knowledge about the Ten Supreme Forms of Energies with few words is Impossible. This is only an effort to give an introductory know how about Dash Maha Vidya.

Niraarkar(Formless) and Nirguna(Virtuless) Brahman displays himself in the form of Maha Devi Aadi Shakti who does the creation and administration of all we see. Maa Aadi Shakti is manifested in 10 major forms in the precess of Creation, Administration and Destruction of this world, this Universe. This Ten Goddesses are Known as Dash(Ten) Maha Vidya(Supreme Knowledge of Shakti - The Governing Energy).

This Ten Maha Vidyas are categerised in to Three groups mainly by the nature of the respective Goddess.

SOUMYA KOTI(Soft Category): Shri Shodashi Maa(Shrimat Tripur Sundari), Shri Bhuvaneshwari Maa, Shri Maatangi Maa and Shri Kamala Maa.

UGRA KOTI(Aggressive Category): Shri Kaali Maa, Shri Chhinna Masta Maa, Shri Dhoomavati Maa and Shri Bagalamukhi Maa.

SOMYAGRA KOTI(Soft Aggressive Category): Shri Taara Maa and Shri Bhairavi Maa.


Mahishasura was a demon who succeeded in conquering both the earth and heaven. The Devas, including their King Indra were forced to flee from their homes. Mahishasura appointed his generals in the place of Vayu, Agni, Varuna and other Devas, and let loose his reign of oppression.

The Devas prayed to Devi, the great Goddess to save them from the tyranny of this demon. Granting their wish, the Goddess incarnated herself as Durga. All the Gods and Devas gave equipped her with their special weapons.

When Durga approached the capital of Mahishasura, he sent his emissaries to discover her intentions.The Goddess began attacking his army. One by one all his generals were killed. At last, the mighty Asura came to the battle-field in person. A terrible battle ensued. At last, the demon was slain by Devi, who beheaded him with the discus given to her by Lord Vishnu

jai maa ambe rani


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