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5 ,9 11 Rudraksh mala (purified in Amavasya Ratri)

  • Rudraksha is one of the most acceptable, tasted, reliable and pious forms of energy and emotions, because it is made of tears of our only and always sacrificing lord.
  • It is believed to be the manifestation of Lord Shiva (central power of this universe).
  • It is the symbol of purity, emotions and attainment of Eternity and ruled by the Sun and fire.
  • Ganesha, Laxmi and Saraswati resides at those places or body (mind) where Rudraksha is kept or worn.
  • It creates different channels of opportunities to its wearer. It creates and flows positive energy in a person and helps to hold concentration.
  • It creates raises which help to improve metal and moral strength.
  • It is a source to incline towards Peace and Shiva (supreme GOD).
  • It creates positive thoughts and multiplies our confidence level that ultimately converts into real happiness, health & wealth, tranquility and honor.
  • Wearer of Rudraksha should chant



Guruji, Mukhe Brahma Madhye Vishnu Ling Naam Maheshwar Sarvadeva Namaskaram Rudrakshaya Namoh Namah. Gaganmandal May Dhundhukara Pataal Niranjan Nirakaar. Nirakaar May Charna Paduka, Charna Paduka May Pindi, Pindi May Vasuk, Vasuk May Kasuk, Kasuk May Kurm, Kurm May Mari, Mari May NaagFani, Alash Purush Nay Bail Kay Seengh Par Rai Thaharahi. Dhiraj Dharm Ki Dhuni Jamai. Vahaan Par Rudraksha Sumer Parvat Par Jamaiye Usme Se Phootay 6 Dali, Ek Gaya Purv, Ek Gaya Dakshin, Ek Gaya Paschim, Ek Gaya Uttar, Ek Gaya Akaash, Ek Gaya Pataal, Usme Lagya Ek Mukhi Rudraksha, Shri Rudra Par Chadaiye. Shri Onkaar Adinath Ji Ko, Do Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Chandra Surya Ko, Teen Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Teen Loko Ko, Chaar Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Chaar Vedon Ko. Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Paanch Pandavo Ko, Chaah Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Shat Darshan Ko, Saat Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Sapt Samudro Ko, Astha Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Astha Kuli Nago Ko, NavMukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye NavNaatho Ko, Dash Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Dash Avtaaro Ko, Gyaara Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Gyaara Rudra Ko, Dvaadash Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye (Surya) Baraah Panth Ko, Terah Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Tentees Koti Devtao Ko, Chaudhah Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Chaudhah Bhuwan (Chaudhah Ratno) Ko, Pandrah Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Pandrah Thithiyo Ko, Solah Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Solah Shringaar Ko, Satraah Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Shri Sita Mata Ko, Attarah Bhaar Vanaspati Ko, Unnees Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Alash Purush Ko, Bees Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Vishnu Bhagwan Ko, Ikkis Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Ikkis Brahamaand Shiv Ko,Nir Mukhi Rudraksha Chadaiye Nirakaar Ko.

Om namah shivay

Om shatiyay namah

Om brahamanday namah

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